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You probably entered this page expecting to find well-known benefits and buzzwords and checking the boxes for coffee, table football and candy bar. If that’s the case, of course we don’t want to disappoint you.

We offer you…

  • … the coldest drinks

  • … the hottest coffee

  • … the sweetest candy bar

  • … the smoothest table kicker

  • … the sunniest roof terrace

  • … and the most ergonomic workplaces.

Now that you’ve checked the basics we’d like to invite you to get a little insight into the fme and our team spirit. Because in addition to the everyday goodies, we want to convince you primarily with respect, trust and a real WE feeling. “It’s fme you love to work with” is much more than just a marketing claim. It is an important pillar of our corporate culture, which we actively live every day.

fme culture – open, honest, fair and of course digital

We are looking for experts who know how to inspire us and our customers with their technical and professional knowledge. Beyond that, fme-fit is equally important to us. We are proud of our company culture and are committed to our values:

We are open, honest and fair, we are “per Du” and we practice Open Feedback. Like it? Us, too! Our colleagues tell you why in our Culture Book.

    Flexible working hours for your perfect life balance

    Of course working should be enjoyable and meaningful – we feel the same. But we’re not kidding ourselves – working isn’t the only thing that makes us feel complete. Family, friends or hobbies are just as important to balance out the workday, and we all benefit from a good balance.

    That’s why you can flexibly adapt your job to your personal situation. Coordinate with your colleagues, walk your dog, do your sports when it suits you and arrange your working hours so that they harmonize with your individual daily structure – without losing sight of your customers.

    Are you planning a longer break in order to finally pursue your private heart’s project? Talk to us, we will find the best solution for everyone.

    Mobile Work

    The last few years have been quite challenging for many companies. Suddenly, everyone was talking about »home office« and »mobile work«. Our reaction: »We can, it’s nothing new«.

    The last desktop computer was banned from our offices years ago, mobile work devices are standard for us. So we did a quick stress test of our VPN (thanks to our great IT) and made it possible to switch work to up to 100% mobile work.

    We now also enjoy meeting regularly in the office again, but of course everyone is still allowed to work mobile. In the end, it’s the agreed result that counts, not the presence in the office. That creates more flexibility and also more trust.

    Further education

    We plan sustainably. We have customers who have been with us for decades, and many of our colleagues have been with us from the very beginning. So it’s only natural that we also invest in the future of our new employees. Whether in-house training programs within our fme Academy, external qualifications and exams, our weekly English courses or visits to events and summits. Together we will discuss your individual career plan.

    You think you are a good fit for us, but you are missing some of the qualifications mentioned in the job profile? No problem! If you are otherwise a good fit for us, we will be happy to invest in our future together.

    Legendary fme parties

    What would a company be without parties?

    Our marketing is passionate about creating unforgettable parties. What would western be without rodeo riding or an 80’s party without neon joggers? See for yourself!

    But in the end, it’s simply “just” being together and the great feeling of celebrating with all your colleagues.

    Family and career? A good combination!

    A family-friendly approach is an inherent part of our corporate culture. Children as a career killer? Not with us!

    Whether junior, senior or management – many colleagues work part-time. And since we know very well that not all situations can be planned in advance, we provide flexible and individual support in finding a good balance between family and career challenges. It’s possible!

    Financial benefits

    Work should be fun, of course, but that alone doesn’t pay the bills.

    Remuneration is an important symbol of respect and appreciation. We pay attractive salaries in line with the industry average, an annual mobile work allowance, and bonuses on special occasions.

    It is also important to us that we all benefit from the company’s success. That’s why every employee receives a variable component of compensation.

    We always keep our ” all-inclusive package” up to date: In addition to a subsidized company pension plan, we offer you the opportunity to lease a BusinessBike and, as a partner of the Corporate Benefits Program, let you benefit from attractive discounts from popular manufacturers and brands.

    We offer more!

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